Caleb Jermaine   


Mouth Music Vol.1 No Pen No Pad


This is the Mouth Music Series Vol.1 No Pen No Pad By Cbarsh



2-Do What You Do

3-I Just Want It All

4-Pretty Lady


6-Music & You

7-Keep Your Head Up


9-Tell Me Nothin

10-A Little Love

11-Runaway (Flange)

12- Bonus Track

This 12 Track album was produced by Caleb Jermaine! No Pen No Pad is the title becuase becuase this was purely an experimental project in which Caleb Recorded every song straight through by beatboxing and freestyling, then used a unique system of layering his vocals to produce his Rawest work to date! There were no Retakes, no EQ's, No Compression, No Reverb, Just Caleb Jermaine Expressing His art! 


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